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I have three children who need a lunch in school everyday. Together with morning being the usual train wreck until everyone gets out the door, I rejoice if the kids opt for a college”hot lunch” since it means less work, confusion, and commotion in the morning. “Hot lunch” - it seems healthy, but when I began digging into the menus it’s not quite as wholesome as it seems. In reality they tend to be high in fat, calories, and not particularly healthy.

Almost any lunch I would ever envision making is healthier than the average school lunch! Nonetheless, the kids love”deep fried cheese sticks” and breaded and fried and then rewarmed balls of poultry such as substance, so I allow them to have the occasional school lunch. However, at least a couple of days per week, we opt for a healthier choice and make lunch in your home. ice packs try to incorporate a main route like a sandwich or soup, a bite such as crackers or pretzels, and at least one serving of fruits or vegetables.

My 2nd and 4th graders can even make lunch , although they need some supervision. Additionally, starting assembling lunch the night before goes a long way, even if it’s just packaging a few carrot sticks or crackers and possibly getting beverages together. I’ve learned pretty quickly that they need to enjoy the lunch they pack or it’s going to come home mainly uneaten, possibly complemented with less healthy snack machine along with other choices.

It’s more work, but once we pack a lunch they eat healthy and often happier as they get to choose what they bring for lunch, with only a little parental supervision of course.